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Review: #LIKE

#LIKE is a techy teen movie with a grisly twist. High schooler Rosie is struggling to cope with her sister Amelia’s suicide. On the first anniversary of Amelia’s death, Rosie decides to find an exploitative cyberbully who caused her sister to take her life. When Rosie finds a suspicious man in her town who matches the description of Amelia’s cyberbully, she goes to the police, but they ignore her. From there, distraught but determined Rosie takes matters into her own hands.

#LIKE features Marc Menchaca (Every Time I Die), Sarah Rich (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), Jolene Marquez (The Elevator), and Samantha Nicole Dunn (Madonna and the Breakfast Club). The movie is directed by Sarah Pirozek (The A-Z of Being a Whore, What You Missed). Samantha Nicole Dunn and Sarah Rich give grounded performances; Marc Menchaca’s performance stands out as well.

This is teen drama done very well, nailing the tone of teenage-hood. The lingo is on point; the mysterious poster writes things like “u on kik??” and “PM me.”

I enjoyed that #LIKE kept me guessing even 2/3 of the way through the film. Rosie’s story of seeking revenge on behalf of her sister is compelling. Rosie is a capable, smart protagonist that we want to root for. She knows the consequences of her actions throughout the film.

One of my favorite scenes shows Rosie and her two friends having a girl’s night—drinking rosé, smoking weed, singing and dancing, and chatting about their lives. It’s scenes like this that balance the serious with the fun.

*SPOILERS* The movie is ultimately deeply unsatisfying. Amelia’s killer is never found; Rosie has to live with the realization that she kidnapped the wrong man. We’re left with the possibility of Rosie going to jail for her actions—but it’s just a possibility, as the movie comes to a close before this is resolved. There’s no closure for a movie that’s all about finding closure in one’s relationships. *END SPOILERS*

#LIKE is a surprisingly good teen drama. It’s a drama with a twist of horror, nicely filmed and professionally acted—this noir drama will keep you glued to your seat.

Rating: 5.5/10




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